When is It the Right Time to Visit the Hair Salon? - 3 Tell-Tale Signs

19 Feb

Have you been putting off that hair salon visit? You might be setting yourself up for a hair-disaster. To keep your hair healthy, you need to give it time and care, just like the rest of your body. So if you were planning to skip that hair appointment again, take some time to read these tell-tale signs that indicate you can't miss your next hair treatment.

1. Too Much Hair Fall - It's nothing to be surprised about if your hair falls out throughout the year. This is your body's way of making way for healthier, younger hair strands without causing baldness. But when there's too much hair fall, it might be a sign that your hair isn't as healthy as it should be. How much hair fall is too much? If you comb through it with a brush or your fingers, and several strands come out with each stroke, then it's high time you seek the care and treatment of a hair specialist. In this case, you should seek a hydrating or nourishing treatment to give your hair the strength and resilience it needs.

2. Ugly Ends That Split or Frizz Up - Take a few strands of hair and inspect the ends. Are they frayed towards the bottom, with splits and frizzy textures that are less than ideal? Long hair is hard to manage, so the ends rarely get the care they need. So once those ends start to grow too far from the root, nourishment from the scalp can't always reach that far. If your hair ends are becoming unsightly and unhealthy, then you should make sure to visit your local hair salon at https://www.shear-genius-salon.com. It's also best if you instruct your salon expert to remove an extra inch of hair to efficiently remove the bad bits. So if two inches of the ends are dead, cut off an extra inch.

3. It's Part of the Schedule - Sometimes, it's not a matter of what, but when. Even without all the tell-tale signs of poor hair health, there's nothing wrong with visiting your trusted hair salon, especially if it's that time of the year. Experts recommend that you have your hair routinely treated and managed at least once every three months. So be sure to keep track of your calendar and schedule an appointment when it's the right time of the year. You can also schedule in advance and have your trusted hair salon contact you when it's almost time for your appointment. Your hair will thank you for it. For more facts and information about hair salons, go to http://edition.cnn.com/2011/10/14/living/hair-makeup-rs/index.html.

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